Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp

  • World Renowned Football Manager
  • Available for Q&A's & Fireside Chats
  • Football Speaker

Harry Redknapp is one of the most famous football speakers and managers currently working on the after dinner speaker circuit; with a background as a player and a history spent at West Ham United and Bournemouth Harry Redknapp is one of the most prominent sports speakers in the UK.

Retiring in the late 1970’s Redknapp went on to manage both West Ham and Bournemouth as well as a period spent at Southampton and two terms at Portsmouth; his dedication to British football has only increased over the years and, in his capacity as an after dinner speaker, Redknapp highlights the importance of home-grown talent and the potential of the British youth; and with a son, a grandson and a nephew all proud English footballers (Jamie Redknapp, who played for Liverpool for 11 years, Harry Redknapp Jr who signed for AFC Bournemouth in 2014 and Frank Lampard Jr, of Chelsea fame) Redknapp’s talents and ambition clearly run in the family.

Alongside his work as a football speaker and Premier League manager Redknapp has held dreams of managing the England international team, but was pit to the post by Roy Hodgeson in 2012 amidst erroneous allegations of corruption and fraud. His ability to remain a dedicated and competent manager throughout the various trials and tribulations of his public image only further attests to his determination and ambition.

As a football speaker Redknapp is passionate and enthusiastic, his vast experience as both a player and sports speaker have provided him with an in-depth knowledge of football, tactics ;and teamwork, all of which compliment his work as a manager. His insight into life both on and off the pitch is incredibly enlightening, whilst, thanks to the peaks and troughs of his long standing career, Harry Redknapp speaks openly about adversity, determination and ambition as a man who has faced and experienced both.

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