Black History Month Speakers

Black History Month Speakers

Celebrating Black History Month: Top 5 Trending Speakers 2024

Prime Performers Agency spotlights five influential speakers for Black History Month, celebrating resilience, determination, and advocacy.

What is Black History Month?
Black History Month stands as an annual recognition of the profound contributions, struggles, and triumphs of Black individuals throughout history. It serves as a crucial reminder of the need to acknowledge and celebrate the richness of Black culture, heritage, and achievements.

When is Black History Month?
Celebrated from October 1st to the 31st in the United Kingdom, Black History Month is an ideal time to honour the achievements, contributions, and struggles of Black individuals throughout history. At Prime Performers Agency, we're excited to highlight some of the most influential and inspiring speakers who are making waves during this significant month.

Charlene White - Book Charlene
Broadcaster, Journalist, and Presenter

Charlene White, a familiar face on ITV news and Loose Women, embodies resilience and determination. In an interview with Black History Month, she shared insights into her journey and the importance of forging one's path. Charlene's commitment to authenticity and breaking barriers makes her a compelling speaker for Black History Month events.

Levi Roots - Book Levi
Celebrity Chef and Entrepreneur

Levi Roots, renowned for his appearance on Dragons' Den and his Reggae Reggae Sauce empire, brings a vibrant energy to every event. His journey from growing up in Jamaica to becoming a successful entrepreneur resonates deeply with audiences. Levi's passion for celebrating Black culture and empowering others makes him a sought-after speaker for Black History Month festivities.

Tim Campbell - Book Tim
Entrepreneur and TV Personality

Tim Campbell's story is one of resilience, determination, and social impact. As the winner of the first season of The Apprentice, Tim has leveraged his platform to advocate for diversity and entrepreneurship. His commitment to leaving a positive mark on the world and uplifting others is truly inspiring, making him an ideal speaker for Black History Month events.

Afua Hagan (née Adom)- Book Afua
Stylist, Writer, and Producer

Afua Adom's journey from Glasgow to London and her diverse career experiences make her a captivating speaker. As a stylist, writer, and producer, Afua has navigated various industries with grace and tenacity. Her passion for storytelling and amplifying underrepresented voices makes her a compelling choice for Black History Month gatherings.

Colin Jackson - Book Colin
Olympic Athlete and Advocate

Colin Jackson's remarkable achievements as an athlete and his commitment to advocacy make him a standout speaker. As a trailblazer in the world of sports, Colin has used his platform to champion diversity and inclusion. His insights into overcoming obstacles and breaking barriers resonate deeply with audiences, making him a valuable addition to any Black History Month event.

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