Why Use Prime Performers?

Founded in 1973 we have 40 years of experience behind us making us one of the oldest speaker bureaus in the country. Prime Performers has no affiliation with or allegiance to any individual speakers, performers, or entertainers and therefore we offer an unbiased service, matching clients budgets, briefs and audience with the most suitable performer, with no hidden agenda. Agents with exclusive speakers will always promote their exclusive speakers first, even though there maybe someone more suitable for your event. We work to get you the best speaker for your event and we’ve been doing so for 40 years!

Why Use a Professional Speaker?

Your MD or senior manager might be great fun to work with, they might be a good speaker but a quality external speaker will give your delegates something to remember and, when you need to inspire your troops, communicate your latest plans, reward achievement or maybe just provide a little comic entertainment, an external speaker will really demonstrate your companies true appreciation to your staff or clients.

Do Prime Performers Exclusively Represent all the Speakers, Presenters and Performers Appearing on This Website?

No, whilst we work with the majority of performers directly we don’t exclusively represent any and we deal extensively with artist management.

I have not booked a speaker /performer before, where do I start?

It’s best in this case to pick up the phone and give us a ring. With years of experience we can chat through your requirements and identify your needs and the type of speaker you require. Please do browse our website as it’s always helpful to have some idea of the comedians, performers and motivational speakers you might be interested in. But do remember our website just gives a few hundred examples of performers and we have thousands on our database – so many in fact that we just can’t list them all! If you are after a specific speaker and you can’t see him/her on our website do give us a call and discuss it with us, it might be the person you had in mind doesn’t like doing corporate events or that we simply haven’t had time to add them to our website yet - just give us a call and we’ll happily advise you.

How Much Does A Speaker/ Performer Cost?

As little as £1,500 and as much as £250,000. As with many things, cost depends on a wide array of factors. The best advice we can give is to call us with details of the budget you have to work with and we will happily advise who would be available for your event. We are extremely experienced at finding the right speaker to fit your budget. Prime Performers are a corporate booking agency specialising in corporate and private events and, as such, are not able to handle any expenses only or no fee charity events.

What are Expenses and How Much Might I Have to Pay?

As part of any booking, you will need to cover the performers expenses. Expenses typically include travel to and from the venue – which may be a chauffeur driven car, first class rail or simply just their petrol. If travel involves flights you must also budget for the cost of travel to and from the airport, at both ends and, if overnight accommodation, is required of a good standard of hotel should also be budgeted for, including meals and refreshments. We are happy to quantify expenses prior to the event if asked to do so.

Once I Have Chosen My Speaker, What Happens Next?

Once the speaker/performer has accepted the invitation to speak at your event we will issue you with a contract. Read it carefully before signing and make sure you are happy with all the T & Cs, we are always happy to discuss any concerns you have, but this needs to be done before you have signed as we cannot make changes afterwards. Some performers will also have a Rider that needs signing; this will cover their production requirements. Make sure you read the Rider carefully and that you are happy and able to meet their requirements – typically stage, sound and lighting. If you or the venue has any issues with providing the right equipment or staging, please do let us know immediately so that we can help you work this out. We will work with you at every stage to make sure things are moving along smoothly, just call us with any query, however silly you feel it is, we are more than happy to chat though any concerns.

How do I Make Payment?

Unless otherwise agreed, a 50% deposit will be required on signature of contract. The balance is to be paid 14 days prior to the event, with expenses billed afterwards.

Can I Speak to the Performer Before the Event?

If you would like to speak to your conference speaker or awards host prior to the event, even if it’s just to say ‘hello’ we will happily organise this at a mutually convenient time.

Most performers will be pleased to receive guidelines, including what is and isn’t considered appropriate in terms of reference to the host organisation, sponsors and clients.

Can I Film the Event and Broadcast it on my Website?

Only when this has been discussed and agreed prior to the event and permission has been agreed in advance. Requests will often be agreed, subject to usage, however if your website is public facing requests may be rejected, or there may be an additional cost. Please make sure you discuss this with the representative at the time of booking.

What is a TV Get-Out Clause?

Performers accept engagements in good faith, but where TV Schedules are yet to be confirmed a get-out clause may be requested releasing the performer at any time up to four weeks prior to the event. News presenters may have an ‘immediate’ release clause allowing them to be released when necessary for breaking news broadcast duties. On the very rare occasions when these clauses are exercised we will do everything in our power to offer you a suitable replacement. With access to thousands of great speakers and performers and 40 years’ worth of relationships with agents we will work hard to make your event a huge success in any event.

What if I Have Signed my Contract but Need to Cancel/ Postpone my Event?

Cancellation fees are due if a contracted engagement has to be cancelled. The fees will be shown on your contract. However If you need to postpone your event we will do our best to make this work for you. Please make sure you contact us as soon as you know there will be change/cancellation of your original date.

Do All After Dinner Performers Attend the Dinner?

Most of the ‘big name’ comedians will not join you for dinner, preferring to stay quiet and prepare themselves for their performance; this also creates an impact when they come on to the stage. It may be that we can arrange for photos, autographs and a meet and greet after the dinner. It is important to discuss all your requirements in advance so we can give you the best advice, and include this in the contract.

How Far in Advance Can I Make a Booking?

It really depends on the performer you are booking. If they are happy to accept an engagement then we are happy to contract. Most performers are happy to look at bookings about 3- 4 months in advance.

I Don’t Want to Book a Performer, I Just Want to Contact Them, Can You Put Me in Touch?

We are a corporate booking agency and do not act as personal managers. We do not pass on requests for autographs, photographs, memorabilia or details of how to contact the people on our books - other than for professional speaking engagements or related work. We do not pass on personal emails or letters.

I want to send a Performer a sample of my products, can you pass it on?

We do not pass on any unsolicited parcels, packages or products sent to our offices.

Do You Accept Charitable Enquiries?

If you are a charity, in the true sense of the word, and you want a performer to appear for ‘free’ or expenses only, although we would love to help we are a corporate booking agency and can only contact performers with fee paying events. We do not accept fee paying events from charities. Most personalities and celebrities have their own favourite charitable/ good causes that they work for; these are normally dealt with directly by the personality or their personal mangers.

If your company is holding a corporate event but, during the evening, you are going to raise money for your chosen charity and you want to book and pay for an after dinner speaker/auctioneer/performer please call us to discuss. We do not book for expenses only I’m afraid.

Do You Accept Non Fee paying requests?

If you want to invite any of the Performers on our website to your school, college, association, club etc. for free, I’m afraid we cannot help. Please do not send any letters, emails or call us requesting that we pass on your invitation, although we would love to help we are a corporate booking agency and can only contact Performers with fee paying events. Please note that we do not book Performers for ticketed sales events to the public, this is dealt with directly by the Performers Management team or representatives.