Collection: Presenters & Award Hosts

An Awards ceremony is a chance for celebration and reflection and to recognise achievement. It allows delegates to have an entertaining break in a convivial environment but at the same time have the chance to discuss the importance of their work and recognise and appreciate the achievement of the person being awarded. Gathering and sharing experiences is a very powerful means of encouragement in the corporate environment.

By using a Celebrity Awards Host, not only will your event have that added 'wow factor' but your audience will appreciate how much you in turn appreciate them! It is a win-win situation. And we can help you select just the right Presenter/Host for the event – whether it be a big name Comedian, Actor or Actress – or, if you want a more business-like approach, a Politician, News Presenter or Sports Personality – whichever the category, we have a huge selection to choose from.

Whatever the occasion, and however important the award, Prime Performers are proud to have a superb collection of hosts, tailor-made for your event. If you are planning an awards evening where the quality of presentation literally speaks for itself then be sure to give us a call so that we can discuss the right celebrity host for you.

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