Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards - Your Next Event Host?

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards
There may have been no more unlikely story in the history of the games than the first man to ever represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping, Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards is such a story that Hollywood turned it into a film, with Taron Egerton staring as the unlikely Hero, and Hollywood heart throb Hugh Jackman as his trainer. The film hit the cinemas early 2016 and Eddie is happy to talk about the experience of making the film and his time spent with the stars of the film.
Eddie is perhaps the best example of a heroic failure, whose perseverance and achievement was – it should be stated - gained without any funding. For that, and for many other reasons, Eddie is more hero than failure, and his story continues to win over audiences.
To learn how this particular Eagle landed on his feet in the end, even if it wasn't in quite the same style as his sporting rivals, why not book him for your event. You'll certainly cheer him all the way.
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