Keynote Speakers: What are you looking for?

Choosing the right keynote speakers can be the biggest decision you will ever be faced with; it will make or break your event. The role of keynote speakers is different to that of just booking celebrity or sports speakers: they need to establish the principal underlying theme of the event and lay down the framework for the order of proceedings. The backgrounds of keynote speakers generally fall into three categories, each one more suited to certain types of events than others.

Chiefs of Industry

There really is nothing like hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Using a chief from your industry as your keynote speaker stamps an unprecedented amount of authority on your event, as well as giving your organisation a seal of approval from someone who has risen to the top of the game. If they are still active at the top, they will be on the absolute cusp of industry developments – meaning they can make their keynote speech as interesting, relevant and original as possible for your event.

Ground Breaking Risk Takers

If the theme of your event is innovation, then you will want to book keynote speakers who have broken new ground in their field and are notorious for taking risks. They will be able to summarise the core message you want to convey through their own experiences, making it relevant to the industry they are speaking in front of.

High-Profile Politicians

Politicians can add a bit of glamour to the keynote speakers at your event. They are great if you are trying to convey a message of what it is like to work under high-pressure. They’re also good if you want to leave your guests feeling slightly star struck. Remember, it is not impossible to have keynote speakers who have a combination of two – or even three – of these characteristics. With years of experience in the industry, Prime Performers can help you find the perfect keynote speakers for your event. For more information about keynote speakers, contact us today by telephone on 020 7251 8222 or via e-mail at

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