Mum's the Word on Celebrity Speakers

Booking celebrity speakers can generate huge amounts of excitement around an event or conference you’re putting on. There are two tactics you can take to booking celebrity speakers. One of these is to sing it from the rooftops. Let everyone know who is speaking at your event and build anticipation this way. Some will be attracted to doing this as the name of their celebrity speaker will attract interest alone. This is not the only tactic you can use to maximise the effect of your celebrity speakers. The shrewder businessman may be tempted to keep the identities of their celebrity speakers under wraps until the event itself. Why, you may ask, would someone keep the identity of their celebrity speaker schtum until the event itself? The reason is that mystery builds even more hype and anticipation than revealing everything early on. Keeping your cards close to your chest makes people wonder what you have got up your sleeve. Curiosity is an essential and very effective marketing tool; why not utilise it with regards to your celebrity speakers? Why not tease your guests by mentioning that there will be celebrity speakers on your invitations, but not revealing their identity. Chances are those who have been invited will speculate amongst themselves as to who the celebrity speakers are. You may even want to put a few rumours out there as to who your celebrity speakers are. When you do this, make sure they are not high profile names, otherwise your guests may be disappointed when your celebrity speakers do not match the names of the rumours. To build hype around your celebrity speakers, utilise social media channels. This will create a buzz around your event as well as giving your guests the opportunity to connect with one another. Why not set up a Facebook event, or start tweeting about your event. For more information about booking celebrity speakers for your event, contact Prime Performers. Prime Performers are the UK’s leading supplier of guests for events. Get in touch by phone on 020 7251 8222 or e-mail

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