October 2023 Black History Month

October 2023 Black History Month

It’s Black History Month!

October is Black History Month, a momentous occasion to recognise and celebrate Black History. The event aims to acknowledge and promote the contributions of African Americans to British society and foster a greater understanding of Black history. The event is recognised and celebrated across the UK in many ways, from theatre productions to exhibitions – and even motivational speakers who can provide a leading voice on equality in workplaces, corporate events and more.

How Did Black History Month Start?

Black History Month, originally ‘Negro History Week’, originated in the US in 1926. The week coincided with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass, the African American social reformer, and Abraham Lincoln, the president who ‘freed the slaves’. 

In 1976, the celebration was extended from a week to a month, and the event began to gain popularity internationally. In 1987, the UK launched its own Black History Month, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of Caribbean emancipation. 

Today, Black History Month has become a momentous date in the cultural calendar of many museums, galleries and local authorities across the UK. Its focus has expanded to cover the history of African, Asian and Caribbean people and their contribution to UK history.

What Is the Theme of Black History Month 2023?

This year's theme is ‘Black Resistance’, recognising how Black people have resisted oppression, discrimination and prejudice throughout history. 

Celebrate Black History Month by Booking a Speaker

One of the best ways to support the occasion is through education and spreading awareness. Minority ethnic speakers are important vehicles for meaningful change, especially during Black History Month. With the ability to provide first-hand depictions of their unique experiences to an audience, ethnic minority speakers are an impactful way to drive awareness and the continued development of equal opportunities. 

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Black History Month Speaker Highlight: Clive Myrie

Multi-award-winning BBC journalist, Clive Myrie, is a vocal proponent of the importance of representation and equality, in terms of both race and social class. Clive has reported from almost 100 countries, covering some of the most important stories of our time including every US Presidential election since 1996.  His recent memoir, Everything is Everything: A Story of Love, Hate and Hope, provides the perfect backdrop to this year's Black History Month. 

As a teenager in Bolton with a paper round, Clive Myrie read all the newspapers he delivered and dreamed of becoming a journalist. In the memoir, he reflects how his background and family history influenced his view of the world, and affected his perspective on the myriad of issues he’s encountered in his career as a leading journalist. The book introduces readers to his Windrush generation parents, a great grandfather who helped build the Panama Canal and a great uncle who fought in the First World War, after being a prominent police detective in Jamaica. 

From speaking to children in schools to hosting large-scale corporate events, Clive’s professionalism and passion inspires audiences of all ages to think about the world around them, enlightening them on issues of race and media representation. The coinciding of Clive’s recent publication with Black History Month makes him the ideal speaker to drive awareness and inspire change this October.

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How ever you choose to celebrate Black History Month, we have a wide range of race and ethnic minority speakers to suit any event or audience.

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