Personal Appearances: Get in there Early

Whether it is a local celebrity, a sporting legend or a motivational guru, personal appearances can make or break an event. This article will highlight a few important reasons why, when it comes to personal appearances, you should start to think about them sooner, rather than later.


There is nothing worse than finding the ideal person to guest at your event and them not being able to attend due to availability. Chances are it’s too late to change the date of the event, so you will have to miss out on the person who could have made your night really special. Enquiring into the availability of personal appearances early means you stand less chance on missing out on that guest you really want. Booking them early takes this weight off your mind, so you can concentrate on putting on the best event possible.

Make the Right Choice

The right personal appearances can make an event, but the wrong ones can be disastrous. Thinking about it early gives you time to research what type of speaker would be best for your event. Start planning early and you will have chance to sit down with an agency and go through specifically what you are looking for in personal appearances. You can establish the objective of your event with the agency. They will be able to guide and inform you into making the perfect choice. If you leave it until the last minute, you may be forced to make a rash decision, which could leave you with personal appearances completely unsuitable for your event. If you are looking for personal appearances at your event, then visit Prime Performers. With over 37 years of experience, Prime Performers specialise in providing personal appearances for both private and public events. Contact us by telephone on 020 7251 8222 or via e-mail at

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