Raising Money with an After Dinner Speaker

Because charities are increasingly realising the importance of making their events stand out and be more fun than others, the days of the jumble sale or coffee morning are over. In their place are glitzy dinners, discos and balls all complete with after dinner speaker.

Why Has an After Dinner Speaker Become Part and Parcel of a Charity Dinner?

The simple reason for this is that an after dinner speaker can propel an even on its way to reaching the awareness and fundraising goals. There’s the added bonus that hiring one can make an event more fun, interesting or memorable, or even all three.

A Famous After Dinner Speaker

If, like the speakers offered at Prime Performers, the after dinner speaker is famous then they will really increase publicity for the event. Organisers can ask their celebrity speaker to mention the event on their website or Twitter page to encourage people to attend. Local media will almost certainly get wind of an event with a famous after dinner speaker attending. Of course, more publicity leads naturally to increased attendance. The celebrity might wish to donate a personal item to the cause for an auction. This could be anything from a CD to a sports kit, or simply signed photos. Whatever the item, funds from auctions are always gratefully received by charities. At Prime Performers we have a host of celebrities available to act as after dinner speaker for your event. Whether it is serious or light-hearted you’re certain to find the right star for you.

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