Ronnie Corbett and His Most Famous Work

Ronnie Corbett is an icon in British comedy and has had a huge influence on the comedy scene. Corbett achieved his icon status along with his partner Ronnie Barker when they formed the hugely successful comedy double act The Two Ronnies.

Together they created many memorable sketches such as “The Class Sketch” and of course “Fork Handles”. They’re television series has influenced many modern comedians and resides in a special place in the British public’s heart to this day. Sadly Ronnie Barker passed away in 2005, yet their legacy lives on and Corbett remains as popular as ever.

Some of Corbett’s more recent projects include various panel shows, the smash hit Burke and Hare as well as his hilarious cameo on Ricky Gervais’ Extras.

One of Corbett’s most famous works came in the form of monologues which he used to perform as part of the two Ronnies. These rambling anecdotes regularly had the audience in stitches and are still just as funny as it was when they were created.

Corbett’s work on many TV shows and films has lent him a fantastic stage presence and raw charisma that shines through all his work. As a result he is a fantastic after dinner speaker and ideal for almost any occasion. He is such an icon in British comedy culture that he is instantly recognisable and even the younger generations will have been exposed to his work.

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