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Ellie Taylor is a model, comedian and presenter. With her infectious charm and enthusiasm, Ellie  has been doing stand up comedy since 2010 and is a breath of fresh air on the comedy circuit. We managed to get some time with Ellie to discuss her latest stand-up, Elliementary.

Ellie Taylor

1. This year you appeared at The Edinburgh Festival for the first time.  Did you enjoy the experience and would you perform at the event again?

Yes and yes! It was hard work and mentally quite a long slog, but it’s an amazing thing to be a part of.

2. What makes you want to leave the relative comfort of presenting on TV and get up on stage on your own to perform comedy routines?

Well actually stand-up is where I started and it’s through stand-up that I got the TV stuff. TV is great but comedy is at the core of everything for me.

3.  What topics do you touch on in your stand up show ‘Elliementary’?

All sorts - everything from Russian foreign policy to the time I danced naked for Simon Le Bon. All the big topics of our time.

4.  When you are booked for a corporate event, do you tailor your routine to suit the audience?

Yes. I always try to tailor my stuff to a certain extent. The more in-jokes you can exploit the better! It’s more fun for everyone, me included!

5.  Are there any up-and-coming comedians that you particularly like and who you recommend our readers keep an eye out for?

Far too many to mention. There are so many excellent people around at the moment - people like Ian Stone, Luisa Omielan, Chris Martin, Felicity Ward and countless more.

6.  Finally, what is the worst experience you’ve had on stage as a comedian and how did you overcome the situation?

I’ve been lucky and never had anything too bad happen to me. I’ve had a few particularly heckly gigs, some gigs where the stage has been next to the toilets so people have to literally walk over the stage to get to the Ladies. I was also once drastically upstaged by a sudden large leak in the ceiling. Turns out someone getting soaked in the front row is 100x funnier than any joke, ever. View Ellie Taylor's profile to learn more about her career to date.   To check Ellie's availability for your event simply complete our enquiry form or call us on 020 7251 8222. 

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