Stephen Fry - The Epitome of Intelligent British Comedy

Stephen Fry is one of modern Britain’s most loved comedians, entertainers and all round wit. His voice and style is instantly recognisable and he is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent men in show business. Fry has been involved in a variety of projects that have proved popular both on a national and international level. Such projects include the landmark sitcom Blackadder, a riveting portrayal of Oscar Wilde in Wilde and the voice of the Cheshire cat in the recent adaption of Alice in Wonderland. Fry is also the host of the popular comedy TV program Q.I, one of the funniest and most interesting panel shows on British television. Fry’s unmistakeable voice has led to him finding roles as a narrator for various videogames and audio books including The Hobbit and the Harry Potter series. Many people have a few followers on the social networking site Twitter - Stephen Fry however has an army! His ongoing popularity in popular culture is illustrated by the fact that he has over 2 million followers on the site on which he makes regular updates. His intelligence, humour and good nature make him ideal for events such as award ceremony hosting. If he can manage to successfully hold the reins on four professional comedians during a panel show then an awards ceremony will be no trouble at all for Stephen Fry! Fry brings a sense of occasion and a touch of sophistication to any event. If you want to book Stephen Fry as a celebrity speaker at your event, call us today on 020 7251 8222. More about Stephen Fry Stephen Fry on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
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