Things to Consider When You Book a Celebrity

Without doubt, booking a celebrity appearance adds that extra bit of sparkle to any event, but it’s always worth spending a little time considering which celebrity you should book. Whilst most celebrities are sure to help gain exposure for your event, booking the ‘right’ celebrity can provide a massive boost. There are several obvious things to consider before you book a celebrity including cost, popularity and availability, but a little extra thought can pay dividends. Some things which you may not instantly consider when you decide to book a celebrity, but perhaps should, include aligning a celebrity with the brand values of your company, product or organisation and choosing the right celebrity to appeal to your target audience. Any celebrity appearance can help provide instant awareness of an event, adding credibility to press releases whilst increasing public interest. However, book a celebrity who’s own interests, views and opinions are aligned with those of your organisation and you’ll ensure extra enthusiasm from the celebrity themselves, enhanced credibility of the event itself and increased PR opportunities - maximising the impact of their involvement and your investment. As well as helping to build anticipation and excitement for a forthcoming event, celebrities also help to add a new dimension to both new and established events, increasing brand awareness and helping to convince people that your event is the place to be. Following the event the right celebrity will also ensure increased recall value, ensuring your guests will remember your event for an increased length of time, and therefore remembering your organisation or product, for longer too. When you book a celebrity for your next event, just a little extra thought will see your promotion stand head and shoulders above the rest, helping to generate increased PR in the press and making sure that your event is the must have ticket in town. If you'd like to book a celebrity for your next event contact Prime Performers, the UK's leading provider of guest speakers for events, on 020 7251 8222 or email
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