Three Types of Comedy After Dinner Speakers

Some will organise an event and want to have their guests in stitches of laughter; these people will therefore look to book comedy after dinner speakers. Everyone enjoys a good chuckle, which is why comedians make such popular after dinner speakers. People use different types of after dinner speakers to garner different effects at their event. Some want to set a serious tone; others want to keep it light-hearted. Here are the three different types of comedy after dinner speakers you can book if you want to keep your guests in a jovial mood.


Those looking to give their event somewhat of an intellectual feel will book a comedian who specialises in satire. With satire, vices, follies and abuses are held up to ridicule to shame individuals or groups of individuals into improving themselves. They are perfect speakers if your crowd is a little more high-brow and intellectual. Book satirists for your after dinner speakers and expect bags of sarcasm and irony. The humour of satirists is normally quite topical, so be sure that your audience is current affairs savvy.

Boundary Crossers

Many people enjoy humorists who cross boundaries and speak the unspeakable. The great thing about comedians is that they can get away with saying things that we normally wouldn’t dream of. These comedians encourage crowd interaction and love shooting down hecklers. Be careful though, these comedians may be quite rude, so don’t book them if you have people in your audience that are easily offended.


You may just want to book traditional gag-tellers as after dinner speakers. These comedians will reel off the one-liners, ensuring your audience will be either groaning and/or laughing all evening. These are quite middle of the road, mixing clean humour with a few cheeky innuendos. Your audience will love it when they throw in a few double entendres. If you want to find out more about booking comedy after dinner speakers, then visit Prime Performers. Prime Performers have a huge range of after dinner speakers, catering for all kinds of comedy tastes. Feel free to contact us on 020 7251 8222 or via e-mail

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