Tony Robinson Opens Secret Towers and Passageways at Warwick Castle

Tony Robinson

Best known for his appearances on Time Team, Tony Robinson has lent his passions for history to Warwick Castle, unveiling the so far undiscovered towers and passageways to members of the public. After remaining closed for a number of generations Robinson, who was booked for the event via Prime Performers,  was given the keys to unlock these 4 intriguing and exciting rooms, revealing their enchanting and exciting secrets and stories, providing visitors with a whole new insight into the castle’s past. The four rooms that were unlocked included a Barbican Battlements and Captain’s Room, a recently discovered bear bit in Bear Tower, Watergate Room and The Guard’s Room in Guy Tower. Visitors now have the opportunity to visit areas of the castle that have been left locked away for a great number of years, and can now enjoy exploring a deadly bear’s private lair, viewing deep, mysterious murder holes, and seeking the famous shy ghost of Warwick Castle, Sir Fulke Greville. Warwick Castle expressed their excitement at Robinson’s personal appearance, on their Twitter feed:

  Tony Robinson also spoke of his excitement and gratitude prior to the event, stating: “I’m quite giddy to be the first person to see inside these rooms and to officially open them to the public. I’ve spent many years searching for exactly this – clues and evidence to unlock secrets from the past.” Check out the video of Tony Robinson at Warwick Castle, unlocking the historic new rooms and features which have been unveiled to the public eye for the first time... 

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