Top Tips for Liaising with a Celebrity Booking Agency

Before You Contact the Celebrity Booking Agency

Obviously, the first thing that needs to be done before contacting the celebrity booking agency is to plan the basics of your event. What is it? Why are you organising it and where and when will it be held? Getting these details clear in your mind will help you to identify which type of celebrity appearance or speaker will best suit your event. You might want a motivational speaker, an after dinner speaker, business speakers or sports speakers. There’s no need to identify exactly who you would like to appear, but putting together a shortlist of ideas is helpful.

Contact the Celebrity Booking Agency Early

Celebrity motivational speakers, after dinner speakers and presenters are hired months in advance of events, so the longer you leave it before booking the more likely you will be left disappointed. When you do contact the celebrity booking agency, it’s in your interests to give them as much information as you possibly can about the event and your needs. This includes detailing everything you might like the celebrity to do, for example hosting a charity auction. If the celebrity booking agency has a good idea about your event they may be able to suggest someone who is perfect for the event who you hadn’t even considered. Prime Performers is a celebrity booking agency with a wide roster of stars to choose from to act as after dinner speaker, motivational speaker or presenter at your event. Contact us today to discuss your event.

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