Ulrika Jonsson has joined the over 50s dating app Lumen in her search for love

“I’m basically a dating virgin!” – Ulrika Jonsson joins over 50s dating app in search for love

The TV presenter and personality, aged 52, joins the app after announcing her divorce earlier this year. She puts the end of the relationship down to a lack of intimacy in her marriage, in which she’d only had sex once in eight years. In October, Ulrika featured on a celebrity version of First Dates Hotel, on which she had a good date, but has now revealed it won’t be going any further

Ulrika comments: “I’m still in touch with my lovely date, Paul, but we are at different stages of our lives. But I genuinely think we’ll remain good friends for a while.”

In terms of what she’s now looking for, the mother of four continued:

“I wouldn’t say I need someone in my life, but it would be wonderful to reawaken some aspects of my personality which have been dormant for many years, and to feel like an individual rather than just a mum, and a doggy mum! I’ve never had a type – variety is the spice of life! I want vitality, excitement, fun and intimacy.”

Ulrika Jonsson


As well as joining Lumen, which is strictly for those aged 50+ and has 1.5M members, Ulrika stars in a new photo shoot for the app. Dressed as a sexy ‘Mrs Claus’ in a mix of red dresses, jumpers and nightwear, Ulrika can be seen decorating the tree, enjoying a brandy, and checking her dating profile. (Pictures available upon request).

It comes as new figures reveal that, just like Ulrika, 45% of UK adults want more intimacy in their lives, with men are more affected than women (53% versus 38%).

While it’s mainly singles that are craving intimacy (51%), surprisingly around two fifths of people who are married or in a relationships feel the same way (42%). Mostly it’s sex that people feel they are missing (71%), followed by spending quality time with someone (60%), kissing (57%), cuddling (55%) and ‘touch’ in general (52%). Others want deep conversation (44%) or just to be told they are attractive or sexy (33%).

What’s more, almost a third of people in relationships, including those who are married, say that their relationship is ‘sexless’ (31%), rising to 38% among the over 50s. In total, more than a third of UK adults  – both single and in relationships – haven’t had sex for more than a year (34%).

When asked about the reasons for the lack of intimacy, more than half of people (52%) say it’s because they lack confidence, with a similar number feeling self-conscious about their physical appearance and weight (54%), or feeling unattractive (47%).  

Singles mainly put it down to the fact it’s hard to meet people (68%). Among couples, just over a third say it’s the impact of having kids (34%), while similar numbers put it down to life getting in the way, mainly looking at technology or work commitments (33%/31%), but also hobbies/interests (19%) and social life (17%). But others report a general ‘growing apart’ over time (31%), and even that they no longer find their partner attractive (16%).

As a result, more than two fifths (44%) are lonely, while around a third feel unwanted (33%) and a similar number say they are depressed (30%). 

The average UK adult hasn’t had someone tell them they found them attractive or sexy for 345 days, had sex in 312 days, felt like they’d been intimate with someone for 284 days, kissed someone romantically for 266 days, held hands romantically 265 days, or hugged someone romantically for 238 days.

It can be especially prevalent at this time of year, with two fifths of people lacking intimacy saying they especially miss it during the festive period (39%), with more than half wanting more intimacy for Christmas (59%).

Ulrika Jonsson

Lumen’s co-founder Charly Lester said:

“We’re thrilled to have Ulrika joining the other 1.5 million like-minded over 50s looking for love on Lumen, many of whom are at a similar stage of life to her, having come out of long-term relationships and looking for more intimacy in their lives. With almost half of people craving more intimacy, we’re encouraging couples to get more intimate this Christmas, while for singles, there’s never been a better time to give online dating a try and meet that special someone.” 

“This time last year our ‘sexy Santa’ ad was banned for ‘objectifying’ the male model – something we still dispute. We’re looking forward to seeing what people think of these incredible images of Ulrika!” 

Talking about her experience of online dating, Ulrika said: “I’ve had almost zero experience of dating before – I’m basically a dating virgin! Online dating is quite amazing really – it’s the detective work side of things that I find appealing, having to work someone out; build up a picture without meeting first. I’m looking forward to getting started!”

Lumen is a free mobile app (iOS and Android) tailored to the needs and habits of the over-50s that makes it as easy as possible to meet genuine, like-minded singles in a safe community.

With proven skills as an established TV presenter, Ulrika is an excellent Awards Host and Conference Facilitator. To book her, contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call us on 020 7251 8222.

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