Using Personal Appearances to Your Advantage

Personal Appearances at Charity Events

Having a famous face appear at your charity event is highly beneficial, both for you and for them. Appearing at a charitable event does wonders for the public’s perception of a celebrity and it boosts the profile of the charity and the event itself. Having a famous guest making an appearances at a charity event gives it more clout in its advertising, gets people talking about it and encourages people to attend and donate, when perhaps they might not have otherwise.

Personal Appearances at Awards

It is not uncommon for award ceremonies to use personal appearances from famous people, TV stars, sports stars or business leaders, depending on the type of event. The famous faces add glitz and authority to the awards and are considered a reward for the hard work of those people receiving awards.

Personal Appearances at Openings

When new venues open and managers wish to promote their new business and drum up interest, personal appearances are very popular. This is one trick which is common in nightclubs and other such venues, the celebrity might not appear even to be working, but their very presence is enough to get people talking about the venue and to boost its popularity. Other venues such as schools, libraries and public buildings often feature personal appearances at their openings, normally by more minor, local celebrities owing to smaller budgets.

Personal Appearances and Speakers

Of course, people contact celebrity booking agencies for more than just appearances by celebrities. Personal appearances often include speakers. At dinner events, after dinner speakers from the business, sports and political world are particularly popular. Prime Performers specialise in making personal appearances at your event happen. We represent a huge number of the best speakers and most famous faces. Contact us to see how we could help you.

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