Vicki Butler-Henderson Laments Lack of Women in Motor Sport

Whilst promoting Mamas & Papas Safer Seat Campaign, Vicki Butler-Henderson has spoken of her disappointment of the lack of women in motor sport. Talking to the Metro, Vicki states that just 2% of participants at karting level are girls, a figure which continues to reduce as they climb towards the ultimate goal of Formula One. A dismal statistic indeed when you consider Ms Butler-Henderson’s background in motor racing and her passion for the sport. After racing 95mph Go-Karts from the age of just 12 years old and going on to her first job as an instructor at Silverstone, Butler-Henderson has become one of the most famous women in the motor sport industry, launching Max Power in 1993 and later becoming a co-presenter of hit motor programme, Fifth Gear after growing up in a male dominated environment with a grandfather, father and brother who were also racing drivers. Recently becoming a mother last year of 22 month old toddler Una, Vicki Butler-Henderson is launching a campaign that aims to assist parents in picking the right car seat for their child. With support from Mamas and Papas, Which? As well as Alpha Romeo, she is aiming to encourage safety and comfort when it comes to driving with ‘the bambino’ as she calls he infant child, who seems to be following the steps of her mother from an early age. Rather than dolls, Una possesses a number of toy cars as well as a picture of an Austin Martin in her bedroom. With the word ‘car’ as one of her very first to master, it’s safe to say that Una may be following in her mother’s footsteps in becoming one of the most pivotal females in the racing industry. Despite the lack of female companions in this line of work, Vicki Butler-Henderson claims that ‘it’s fun being a girl in a man’s world’ and insists she warrants her place because of her high class driving rather than her gender.

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