What Sort of After Dinner Speaker Should You Choose?

Business Speakers for Your After Dinner Speaker

If you are arranging a corporate event, your speakers’ bureau will almost certainly have a varied roster of business speakers who could act as after dinner speaker to entertain your delegates. The benefits of this type of after dinner speaker is that he or she will be primed to relate to your audience and will be able to share their own experiences from within their field. It doesn’t have to be too much of a busman’s holiday though: a business related after dinner speaker can be very humorous and may have celebrity status as well.

Sports Speakers for Your After Dinner Speaker

A sports personality is always a popular choice of after dinner speaker for many events including charity and award ceremonies. Events which are being hosted by a sports club are the obvious place to use sporty after dinner speakers, but they are great additions to other events too. Sports speakers are often very well known and therefore boost attendance at dinners. A sporting after dinner speaker can often share funny anecdotes, tips, advice and even motivation.

TV and Radio Personalities for Your After Dinner Speaker

At more fun and light hearted events, many people opt for a TV or radio personality as their after dinner speaker. Charity events very often benefit from an after dinner speaker who is well known as they can boost attendance and donations. Very often, such celebrities support charities as well so can often speak passionately about philanthropy. When choosing an after dinner speaker, the test really is in getting absolutely the right person for the event. The variety of speakers available means that there is no one size fits all approach to choosing an after dinner speaker. Choosing the appropriate person for the job is the first step to providing a great dinner event. Prime Performers can help you find the right after dinner speaker for your event. Our speakers include TV celebrities, sportspeople, entrepreneurs and more.

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