Who Needs a Motivational Speaker?

The Motivational Speaker In Business

Many companies rely on the help a motivational speaker can offer them in terms of keeping morale as high as possible. Every manager is acutely aware that happy, motivated and appreciated employees who feel they have a place in the organisation are more successful and more likely to stay in their job, so they often turn to a motivational speaker to help at anything from a conference to a workshop, to an end of year meeting. A good corporate motivational speaker may focus on general management and leadership or be more specific and tailor their presentation to talk about reaching sales targets for example. Regardless of the specifics of the motivational speaker’s talk, he or she will aim to instil a sense of togetherness in the audience, underlining the group’s shared aim and vision. Using a motivational speaker at business events breeds success and helps boost staff retention levels.

The Motivational Speaker in Education

When we remember back to our school days the best teachers were, in one way or another, a type of motivational speaker. Many schools hire a motivational speaker to attend assemblies, particularly at important times, such as just before exams. The motivational speaker can really boost self-esteem and drive home the message that the students themselves are responsible for their future. Such a message from a good motivational speaker often works well in encouraging participation and preventing disaffection. Some schools have reported using a motivational speaker in their efforts to tackle bullies. It is widely believed that raising the self esteem of pupils makes them less likely to become bullies and less likely to suffer at the hand of bullies. This ties in with the motivational speaker’s other role of encouraging young people to take control of their own futures and lives.

The Motivational Speaker in Sport

It is fairly obvious that almost every sports coach, trainer or manager spends a significant proportion of their time acting as motivational speaker, but it isn’t just in the world of professional sports where this is important. Amateur sports clubs often hire motivational speakers at the beginning of their seasons. When there has been a break in the season, it is often useful to hire a motivational speaker to help team members refocus their efforts and rediscover their camaraderie.

The Motivational Speaker in Charities & Organisations

It isn’t just business organisations which can benefit from the presence of a motivational speaker: voluntary organisations and charities can too. In organisations where members work hard for no monetary reward, it can sometimes feel as though the members’ efforts go unappreciated. A motivational speaker can remedy this. By making sure that everyone in an organisation shares a joint aim and that everyone feels they have something valuable to contribute and a particular role to play, a motivational speaker can really boost donations and participation for an organisation

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