Why Journalists Make Fantastic Keynote Speakers

As the years go by, journalists are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking for keynote speakers that will make their event. What is it then about hacks that make them such a fantastic choice as keynote speakers? Here are a few reasons why journos are such a popular choice for keynote speakers, especially for those looking to put on event that will live long in their guests’ memories.

An Interesting Profession

There cannot be many other professions as interesting as journalism. Nothing compares to the life of a hack. They meet some of the most interesting and important people on the planet on a daily basis. This means they have some fantastic anecdotes.

Jacks Of All Trades

It is rare you will find a journalist who isn’t well informed on a huge range of different subject matters. The nature of their job means they have to be specialists in a plethora of different subjects. Not only this, but they will have had first-hand experience of these topics. Journalists often have unprecedented access to the corridors of power, meaning they will be able to wow your audience with tales from the top. Journalism involves covering every aspect of society, from government and politics to the arts and entertainment. This means the journalists you choose as your keynote speakers will be able to tailor their act to meet the needs of your audience. If it is a business crowd they will tell business stories, if it’s a sports crowd, then they will whip out a few sporting tales.


On top of these attributes, journalists tend to be engaging personalities in their own right. The competiveness and high pressure of the job forges some real personalities. Many journalists have gone on to be celebrities in their own right, such as Andrew Marr and Bob Woodward. If you want to book journalists for your keynote speakers, or any other types of speakers for that matter, then visit Prime Performers. Our range of keynote speakers means all audience tastes can be catered for, ensuring you put on the perfect event. Call us today on 020 7251 8222 or drop us an e-mail at info@primeperformers.co.uk.

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