Why Sports Celebrities Make Such Inspiring Speakers

Why Sports Celebrities Make Such Inspiring Speakers

With the world’s eyes being on London for the Olympics and the Paralympics over summer 2012 it comes as no surprise that our heroes in Team GB are extremely popular around the country. Their truly amazing performance in the Games took the nation by storm and pride and delirium ruled across Britain for the summer months because of it.

The Ultimate Self Motivators

It could be argued that athletes and sports legends have the ultimate experience to bring to the table as motivational speakers. They have not only gone through the blood, sweat and tears to achieve their goals, but they also have incredible stories to tell because of this experience. They have learned to motivate themselves and over time learn to focus on the goal ahead no matter what hurdles they must overcome. The physical and mental preparation for any sporting competition is tough and, as we saw as a nation during the Games in London, the highs and lows can be extreme.

From the Sports Field to the Boardroom

Sports celebrities can offer advice that is relevant to many audiences; from the corporate group that needs some work related inspiration to an audience at an annual event who get the opportunity to become inspired by stories and experiences. In many ways, the approach to preparation for a large sporting event, such as the Olympic or Paralympic Games, can be very similar to the approach to business and preparation for important meetings. The general attitude of athletes needs to be positive, realistic and strategic – excellent characteristics to have in the corporate world, and certainly qualities that are worth promoting to any audience, young and old. The inspirational Paralympians also bring that extra motivational factor to the table with their outstanding stories. If anyone can give people perspective and inspire to courage, persistence and teamwork it would have to be the people who gave their blood, sweat and tears to achieve the fantastic Team GB results in London 2012. Congratulations to you all, and best of luck in Rio de Janeiro 2016! Photo credit: Lee Netherton

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