Why use Prime Performers

Founded in 1973 we have 45 years of experience in the corporate speaking industry, we are a small agency with small overheads – all of this equates to Knowledge, Value and efficiency for you.

Our reputation means everything to us - which is why clients come back to us year after year after year. Call us for a competitive quote or some inspirational ideas.

 Carrie Grant
Carrie Grant - Mental Health
The One Show’s Carrie Grant is a passionate speaker Carrie is the mother to four children with learning Difficulties. She has spoken at several national, medical conferences and at the Houses of Parliament.
What our clients say: 
"Carrie was absolutely fabulous, and we have received fantastic feedback from the business, she was really personable, and many people commented on the day it was just what they needed to hear. Pinsent Masons LLP"
 Hal Cruttenden
Hal Cruttenden - Awards
Hal is a joy to work with, he might not be cool or controversial but that’s what make him so ideal for any corporate event. He is a consummate professional a safe pair of hands and unashamedly middle class - which for a corporate event is very appealing
What our clients say: 
"Hal was fabulous. He had the audience crying with laughter. He ran the awards brilliantly and they went totally smoothly. He went above and beyond actually. UKSV"
Gyles Brandreth
Gyles Brandreth - After Dinner
Gyles is without doubt the best on the circuit, tailoring each and every speech to suit the event – and he knows about everything it doesn’t matter what your industry his ancestors are bound to have worked in it or he’ll have written about it!
What our clients say: 
"Gyles brought joy, warmth, wit and humanity to our 10th IoD Jersey Awards - everyone was a winner last night."
Levi Roots
Levi Roots - Business
Levi Roots the man who slayed the dragons, playing the guitar and singing about his culinary creation. Levi believes that if a black Rastafarian from Brixton can make it – anyone can – his business speech reflects this. He will often end on a song!
What our clients say: 
"Levi's appearance at the Lookers 'Recipe for Success' was a particularly good fit of the event and he gave a truly inspirational and entertaining performance"
Vicky Pryce
Vicky Pryce - Brexit
An energetic and confident speaker Vicky still has an optimistic view of the British economy, with a quick brain and varied career to date, Vicky will look at the impact of Brexit on the UK and Europe.
What our clients say: 
"She has probably one of the biggest brains of anyone I have had the pleasure listening to. Her capacity to retain facts and cite relevant examples is second to none."
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