Adam Hills

Adam Hills

  • One of Australia's Best Known Comedians
  • Presents The Last Leg
  • Comedy Awards Host & After-Dinner Cabaret

Adam’s combination of positive uplifting comedy and rampant spontaneity has seen him receive prestigious awards, glowing reviews and a legion of fans around the world. Whether he's comparing the merits of his Australian countrymen with Brits and Americans or showing off his artificial limb, Adam's positive take on life cuts through any politically correct ties like a knife through butter.

Adam was the unexpected hit of the 2012 Paralympics coverage, hosting comedy show The Last Leg, a late-night look at the previous day's action. The Last Leg may seem like a tawdry title for such a show but under the sunny stewardship of Hills, it became must-watch television. The Paralympics may be long gone, but the popularity of Adam Hills lives on.

Adam, who spends half of the year in the UK and the other half in Australia, is not only a cutting edge comedian, but also one of the nicest guys on the comedy and After-dinner circuits. He doesn’t ascribe to the belief that you have to be offensive to be funny, and is an ideal choice for any corporate event, whether hosting or entertaining.

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