Adrian Gilpin

Adrian Gilpin

  • Peak Performance Coach
  • Inspired Self, Inspired Coach & Inspired Leader
  • Change, Health & Wellbeing Speaker

Adrian Gilpin is best known for working with management teams to help them turn their organisations into an Inspired Enterprise.

Adrian has designed and led some of the most effective and sustainable change programmes in British business. He mixes a clear analysis with common sense to demonstrate what makes us perform at our best. Adrian argues that change need not take time. It can be implemented instantly when you realise it’s not change that we hate, but fear. He shows how to break through barriers, both real and self-made.

Adrian founded and is the Chairman of The Institute of Human Development, he is an authority on peak performance coaching and has designed and led some of the most effective and sustainable change programmes in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Many organisations such as UBS, The University of Nottingham and Johnson & Johnson have retained Adrian to coach their Managing Directors and Senior Executives in high performance leadership coaching. Adrian works regularly within the public sector too, including the MOD, all three forces, the NHS, Housing Associations and social enterprises.

Adrian’s presentations are a unique mix of storytelling, movie clips, wisdom, and a deep understanding of what makes human beings tick and perform at their best. Adrian demonstrates that only when values, identity and purpose are properly aligned can organisations fully exploit the potential of their people.

Adrian’s hugely successful book Unstoppable is the story of his own route into the world of personal development.

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