Alan Chambers MBE

Alan Chambers MBE

  • Former Royal Marine Commando, Polar Adventurer and Author
  • British Unsupported Expedition to the Geographic North Pole
  • Inspirational Motivational Speaker

Alan Chambers led the first British unsupported team to successfully walk to the geographic North Pole, reaching it in May 2000. He is one of only two members of the four-man team who succeeded.

The team's training and preparation was of paramount importance, as was their ability to react to the dramatic changes and challenges they faced. In his inspiring and enthralling motivational speeches, Alan pinpoints the vital lessons of leadership and teamwork that need to be addressed in order to avoid failure, even when the problems faced seem insurmountable, such as Alan and his team encountered in one of the most inhospitable terrains on earth.

In Alan's talks, the gruelling demands that tested his team to the absolute limit of endurance are set in context so that the resourcefulness required to overcome extreme adversity can be applied to the needs of a wide variety of audiences, whether they are seeking success on the sports field or achieving goals in the business environment.

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