Alexis Conran

Alexis Conran

  • Presenter and Awards Host ñ Presenter of The Real Hustle
  • Conference Speaker Risks, Fraud and Security
  • Entertaining After Dinner Cabaret

As one of the original members and stars of BBC3's The Real Hustle – which demonstrated confidence tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets on unsuspecting members of the public – Alexis Conran used his skills as a magician to turn the world of scamming into insightful entertainment. Along the way, he has proven himself to be a unique performer, albeit one you do not want to be playing cards with!

Born in Paris and raised in Greece, Alexis was introduced to the world of magic at a young age by his father. After studying at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), he began working as a professional magician, specialising in card tricks and performing at exotic private parties worldwide.

Alexis' magic shows gradually developed into a skilful exposé of frauds and cons, using mainly dice and cards. The BBC subsequently recognised his extensive expert knowledge of hustling, pick-pocketing techniques and the con artists repertoire and so made him an advisor for their TV series Hustle. Following this, he was asked to star in The Real Hustle, a BBC TV show that lasted for eight series and included the spin-off The Real Hustle Undercover. He also applied his knowledge to reveal the practices of fraudsters through appearances on BBC1's Watchdog. Alexis and his Real Hustle co-hosts also made a DVD entitled The World's Greatest Bar Bets.

In recent years, Alexis has become a highly popular keynote speaker, using his knowledge on security and the psychology of conmen to entertain and educate at various public and business events. He has also worked as an advocate of the 'Scam Busters' campaign for the UK's Office Of Fair Trading.

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