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Andrew Amery

Andrew Amery

  • Head of Security, London 2012
  • Security Management, Strategy & Planning Speaker
  • Business Keynote Speaker

The solidly-built but diminutive Andrew Amery may not stand out of the crowd, but he surely knows how to control it.

In fact, that has been Amery’s speciality for almost 30 years. Even though the Usain Bolts and Mo Farahs hogged the limelight, it was Amery, the former head of security, London 2012, and his colleagues who were instrumental in ensuring the mega success of the last Olympic Games.

Amery’s special skills in handling mass situations came to the fore in the early 1990s, when he was responsible for the planning the safety of the million-plus people enjoying the Notting Hill carnival, he was also assigned to lead all security issues for the funeral of the Queen Mother and the Golden Jubilee, and was the obvious choice to take on the security of the London 2012 Olympics. Andrew’s role was vast in scope and responsibility covering everything from on-site petty criminality to terrorism and large-scale cyber attacks.

He had to incorporate the priorities of organisers, sponsors, government, the public and participants where the needs of thousands of people to attend an enjoyable event were measured against the risk of potential and perceived threats.

Andrew was also on the frontline dealing with the fallout from the G4S crisis when the private contractor revealed it was unable to provide sufficient manpower.

Andrew is one of the UK’s leading security professionals and can address the ‘nuts and bolts’ of security management, strategy and planning as well as assessing how organisations view security.

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