Andy Cave

Andy Cave

  • World Class Mountaineer
  • Inspiring Motivational Speaker
  • Change & Leadership Speaker

A world-class mountaineer with a PhD and two award-winning books to his name, Andy Cave gives motivational speeches that capture the drive and spirit necessary to reach the summit of a mountain or, indeed, the toughest peaks of business.

Andy motivates people to get the best from themselves and each other, focusing on the cornerstones of any successful venture: Motivation; Leadership; Teamwork; Communication. He has given speeches to audiences at organisations big and small, but always ensures that each speech addresses the issues faced by the client.

The themes in Andy's Motivational Speeches help people attain clarity, providing a fresh perspective on their organisational skills. These include: Vision - having it, communicating it and winning consensus; Team Spirit - taking personal responsibility, building trust and rapport; Managing Change - the capacity to adapt to achieve sustainable goals; Resilience - the ability to keep going when things get tough and to see the job through; Managing risk - effective decision making and contingency planning.

A former Yorkshire coalminer, Andy has since headed in one direction - upwards - eventually reaching the summits of some of the world's most difficult and dangerous mountains. His motivational speeches highlight the key qualities he and his team mates needed to survive the harsh, rapidly changing conditions nature threw at them. These qualities are common to individuals who make up any group working towards a shared goal.

Andy's speeches are packed with humour and drama, recounting rousing, uplifting tales that both motivate and energise audiences. Time after time people comment that lessons Andy learnt in the mountains can be applied to their own working lives.

If you would like to book Andy to inspire your audience though a motivational speech that will be unforgettable, contact Prime Performers via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 3500 3331

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