Anthony Hilton

Anthony Hilton

  • Award Winning Business Journalist
  • Financial Editor of The Evening Standard
  • Keynote Business Speaker

Currently a business commentator within the City Pages of The Evening Standard, Anthony Hilton has over four decades of experience as a financial journalist. He started his career as a trainee on The Guardian in 1968, working his way up to become City Editor of The Times (1981 to 1983), City Editor of The Evening Standard (1984 to 1989) and in 1989 became Managing Director of The Evening Standard. He held the latter post for six years before the yearning to return to journalism proved too strong and he once more took up his earlier position as City Editor of The Evening Standard.

Anthony also spent three years in New York reporting for The Times and Sunday Times, covering finance stories but also working as a mainstream reporter covering everything from the Iranian Hostage crisis and guerrilla wars in Guatemala and El Salvador to the shooting of John Lennon and the British challenge for the Americas Cup yacht races.

Anthony has been seen regularly on television, on such shows as Channel 4's TV Business Programme and The Stocks and Shares Show. He is also heard frequently on radio. He has written two acclaimed books: How to Communicate Financial Information to Employees and City Within a State - a study of how the city of London really works.

If you are interested in booking Anthony as a Business Speaker, or as an After-dinner Speaker, contact a Prime Performers Booking Agent via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 3500 3331.

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Thank you for contributing so well to our London Funds event. You did a sterling job as Anchor man, the two key notes were great and the panels were lively and informative . I was very pleased and grateful for your contribution which made for a great event. The feedback has already been terrific, and the venue and arrangements seem to have achieved very wide approval and appreciation.