Bob Flowerdew

Bob Flowerdew

  • Organic Gardener & TV and Radio Presenter
  • Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time
  • Gardening Talks & Demo's

Bob Flowerdew has gardened organically for over 30 years and is Britain’s and Europe’s leading organic gardener. He is a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time and writes for journals at home and abroad particularly Amateur Gardening, Kitchen Garden Magazine, BBC

Bob Flowerdew gives advice on how to get the very best from your garden, farmer's son, Bob has always loved the natural world. Not surprisingly perhaps, as his family have been tilling the land in the Waveney Valley on the Norfolk/Suffolk border since Tudor times.

Strangely, for an organic gardener, he studied engineering and has a degree in financial management and cost accountancy. Bob has put these skills to good use and has emerged as a business savvy expert on matters organic.

Bob has many different talks and lectures , suitable for large or small audiences, horticultural groups or not so. Each talk previously honed to near perfection may be adapted to most prospective audiences in length, level and content. Bobs talks range from , Organic Gardening, why it's better for us & our planet to, No Work gardening ,ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary chores to Don't listen to the experts they get it all wrong!

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