Calum Chace

Calum Chace

  • Best-selling Author & AI Expert
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Speaker
  • Technology & Humanity Speaker

Calum Chace is a best-selling author of fiction and non-fiction books and articles, focusing on the subject of artificial intelligence. His books include “Surviving AI”, a non-fiction book about the longer-term promise and the challenges of AI, and “Pandora's Brain”, a techno-thriller about the first superintelligence. His latest book, “The Economic Singularity”, addresses the prospect of widespread technological unemployment.

He is a regular speaker on artificial intelligence and related technologies and runs a blog on the subject. He also serves as chairman and coach for a selection of growing companies.

A long time ago, Calum studied philosophy at Oxford University, where he discovered that the science fiction he had been reading since boyhood was actually philosophy in fancy dress.


1.The huge impact that Artificial Intelligence will have on us all in the coming decades

2.How Artificial Intelligence will be either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity, and how we can make sure it is good

3.How technological unemployment will change everything about our societies and our economies

4.How the creation of super-intelligence is a very real prospect, and what it will mean

5.How all this comes together in “the two singularities”, which will dominate the 21st century.

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Thank you so much for recommending Calum, he was perfect for our event, a really interesting presentation and all the delegates enjoyed listening to his views on Artificial Intelligence.
Calum went down very well, a fascinating and thought provoking presentation. Thank you.