Clive Humby

Clive Humby

  • Marketing Analyst & Data-Based Entrepreneur
  • Customer Experience Speaker
  • Keynote & Conference Speaker

Clive is the ideas man, with a passion for finding the best way to engage customers in ways that drive sustainable growth and profits for brands.

Clive co-authored 'Scoring Points: How Tesco is winning customer loyalty' which details how the supermarket giant harnessed technology to reinvent itself and analyses its relationship with customers. As well as dominating the grocery sector in Britain, Tesco has become the world's largest online grocer and a global retailer selling everything from travel insurance to televisions.

Clive's presentations describe how Clubcard helps Tesco to learn more about its customers. In a tough competitive climate in which consumers chase the best deals, Clive explains how loyalty really works and how segmentation allows you to target special offers at low cost - with maximum returns on investment.

His work is deeply rooted in data, ever since he began his career as a programmer in Bermuda for the geo-demographics firm CACI, innovating in what has become the site location industry. Quickly rising to be CEO of CACI’s UK business, Clive soon saw the power of using data to inform relevance and personalisation for customer.

After co-founding dunnhumby in 1989, Clive was responsible for customer strategy, from analysis through to the implementation of client merchandising, store operation, marketing and communication strategies.

Clive is a Patron of the Market Research Society and Honorary Life Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing.

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