Darren Campbell

Darren Campbell

  • Olympic Gold Medallist Sprinter
  • Talks on Overcoming Adversity
  • Inspiring Motivational Speaker

Darren Campbell is a sports personality whose physical and mental commitment ensures that he always achieves a winning outcome. A very popular GB athlete, he won a Silver medal at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, a Bronze at the Commonwealth Games in his hometown of Manchester in 2002, and a Gold as a member of the GB men's 4 x 100 m relay squad at the 2004 Olympics (the first time a GB team had done so since 1912). He won his last medal in 2006, taking the relay Gold at the European Championships, and then retired from the sports arena.

Darren's other love is football. When he was unfortunately injured as a budding athlete in the early 1990s, he took the opportunity to take part in trials for Millwall, becoming a reserve player for the club as a result of his outstanding performance. After subsequently playing on a semi-pro basis with Weymouth for a year, he returned to athletics.

Darren has not been lost to sport since retiring from the athletics track. With his skills and insight into sprinting techniques and his ability to handle high pressure situations, Darren is in high demand as a pace and acceleration coach, working with Premier League footballers and rugby professionals. He has been engaged by several professional rugby clubs, such as Sale Sharks and Saracens, to help develop the power and speed of their squads, and is currently the sprint coach at football club Cardiff City. Darren is also a much respected member of the Youth Sport Trust and takes an active role in other initiatives that motivate children to believe in themselves and get involved in athletics.

Darren combines the same attributes he displayed as an athlete and footballer to demonstrate to audiences how they can effectively keep on track with their own success, expounding upon four main themes, namely: Planning & Preparation; A Winning Attitude; Fighting Back; Battling Through Difficult Times. His Motivational talks are both entertaining and perceptive.


Planning & Preparation
A Winning Attitude
Fighting Back
Battling Through Difficult Times

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