Derren Brown

Derren Brown

  • Illusionist and Hypnotist
  • Corporate Mind Reading show
  • Entertaining After Dinner Performance

Using a combination of magic, suggestion and psychology, Derren Brown’s influence on his audience’s behaviour - whether in a TV studio, on stage or at corporate events - results in performances that are truly mesmerising and unforgettable. He is an illusionist and hypnotist whose natural showmanship makes him a perfect entertainer for both private and corporate functions, as well as cabaret.

Derren discovered his talent for illusion and hypnosis whilst studying Law and German in Bristol. He was an instant hit on television, beginning his TV career in 2000 with a six-part series Derren Brown: Mind Control, which ran until 2003. He then put illusionism and mind control under the spotlight on several TV shows, including Trick or Treat, The Events and The Experiments, and also fronted several special ‘one-off’ programmes, namely The Heist, Hero at 3,000 Feet and Apocalypse (2012), becoming a familiar face on British television in the process.

Derren has also hosted many highly popular live shows, one of which - Svengali - won the Laurence Oliver Award for Best Entertainment Show in 2012.

Darren is passionate about magic and the art of the illusionist, and has written books for magicians as well as the general public, including Tricks of the Mind

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