Dr Ranj Singh

Dr Ranj Singh

  • Presented Get Well Soon for CBeebies
  • Attitude TV Award Winner
  • This Morning Resident Dr

As the Resident Doctor on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Ranj Singh is known for both his medical expertise and as an accomplished media presenter. From offering health support to viewers, to educating children about a healthy mind and body, Dr Ranj has proven himself a talented and trusted physician. Equally prominent as an LGBTQ+ advocate, Dr Ranj’s journey to authenticity, and embracing his sexuality provides the backing for some of the most influential talks available on the circuit. As a speaker, Dr Ranj combines personal experience with industry knowledge and his presenting abilities to educate audiences on the importance of LGBTQ+ acceptance.

Best known as a prominent media expert, Dr Ranj has established a platform on various television shows as a medical authority. Joining the cast of This Morning, Dr Ranj’s personable nature and qualifications as an NHS clinician saw him fast become a highlight of the show for viewers. Responding to audience questions, current medical trends, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and offering advice on mental health support, Dr Ranj’s guidance has proved vital to many. Diversifying into younger audiences, Dr Ranj was also the presented of CBeebies Get Well Soon for three years which educated children on personal health and wellbeing.

Using his media presence to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, Dr Ranj has become a voice for the community on such issues as gay representation and homophobia. Growing up in a strict Sikh household, Dr Ranj internalised his feelings about his sexuality, until several years into his marriage to a woman. Overwhelmed by the need to live authentically, over a decade later Dr Ranj is one of the most sought-after speakers, promoting inclusivity, LGBTQ+ acceptance and reducing homophobia. He has shared interviews about his experiences as a Gay Asian in Attitude Magazine, been on the cover of the Gay Times and won the Attitude TV Award where he gave a poignant speech on the disadvantages of LGBTQ+ people across industries.

A recognisable media personality, Dr Ranj has featured on several shows, including Dancing on Ice, and released the Sunday Times Best Seller ‘Save Money, Lose Weight. Much of his current time is dedicated to offering eye-opening keynote talks on the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion, and corporate diversity policies, backed by his personal experiences.

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