Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno

  • Legendary British Heavy Weight Boxer
  • Mental Health Speaker
  • Available for Q & A's and Personal Appearances

Like many other boxing legends, Frank Bruno fought his way from a humble background to make it to the top, crowning his achievements by becoming World WBC Champion. In his illustrious boxing career, Frank took part in 45 contests and notched up an impressive 40 victories. No wonder he was voted Sports Personality of the Year for 1989 and 1990!

Though his boxing career ended some time ago, Frank is a popular celebrity with the British public and is still one of the most recognisable personalities in the country, thanks to his many appearances on TV and in adverts. Frank has often been the focal personality in nationwide advertising campaigns, for instance for HP Sauce, Kleenex, Sensodyne and Nike UK. Being a hugely popular figure with a keen sense of fun and an instantly recognisable laugh, Frank is also much sought after for personal appearances.

Frank was renowned for his punches, but his fame and popularity rest as much on his charm and courage outside the ring as his power and determination in it. He has had to fight to regain his mental health in recent years, and he has faced this battle as courageously as any he fought in the ring, stating in December 2013: "Mental illness is a terrible thing to have to cope with but I’ve learnt it’s a fight you can win if you live your life the right way". Raising issues about mental health during his own recovery has been a real help for people with similar issues. Frank is well known for his charity work, and this is yet another aspect of the way Frank helps others.

Sports historian Norman Giller has written three books with Frank: Know What I Mean, Eye of the Tiger and From Zero to Hero. In 2006, Bruno published an autobiography Frank: Fighting Back. It won the Best Autobiography category of the British Sports Book Awards.

Published in October 2017, Frank's book 'Let Me Be Frank' is a very tough, honest and straight from the heart narrative that will leave audiences and readers inspired and moved.

"In boxing you can see your opponent. But my illness strikes from the shadows. And it is impossible to defend yourself from a punch you can't see. Winning this battle has been the toughest fight of my life. Now i am ready to tell you how I did it."

Topic areas include motivation and inspiration, being a Champion, mental health and wellbeing, adversity, resilience, determination to name a few.

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