Garry Richardson

Garry Richardson

  • Presents the BBC Today Programme
  • Sports Presenter & Awards Host
  • Excellent After Dinner Speaker

Garry Richardson has been a broadcaster for the BBC for over 35 years and is best known as the sports presenter on Radio Four's prestigious 'Today' programme. He also presents 'Sportsweek' on Five Live every Sunday morning and is a regular contributor on BBC Television.

Garry began his career with Radio Oxford, a natural for the sports department once he realised that his stints with the youth teams at Reading and Southampton football clubs would not lead to a career in the game. He moved to Broadcasting House in the early 1980s and got a reputation as a newshound when on several occasions he phoned the desk after finding himself near the scene of IRA bombings. Such was his youthful enthusiasm that editors suggested he might be in cahoots with the culprits.

By the end of the decade he had become one of Today's regular sports reporters, flourishing under his mentor Tony Adamson, the golf and tennis correspondent, and his boyhood idols, the late football correspondent Bryon Butler and commentator Peter Jones.

He readily defers to the journalism of John Humphrys, James Naughtie and Ed Stourton and credits John Timpson and Redhead with improving him as a journalist. Garry has built a reputation for his revealing and humorous reports on Grandstand and also on Watchdog.

Each year Garry works for BBC TV at Wimbledon and scooped the world's press by interviewing former president Bill Clinton. The interview was broadcast live on BBC1 to eight million viewers and was conducted in front of 10,000 people on Wimbledon's Centre Court. Some of the world's most familiar faces like Nelson Mandela, Will Smith and Pele are among the big names celebrities to be interviewed by Garry.

Garry is one of the most entertaining speakers on the circuit and his routine is a fast moving monologue of stories from his life in broadcasting punctuated with topical one-liners , as Garry say's "All audiences will contain sports fans and even if you are not a sports fan my stories are so general it doesn't matter"

Garry's attention to detail and dedication as an After Dinner Speaker make him one of the countries busiest performers. It's his ability to be able to deliver such a crafted and humorous speech that means he performs to such a wide variety of audiences.

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Garry immediately got the crowd laughing and kept us well entertained with his anecdotes and observations; A truly accomplished speaker it was a performance myself and others have rarely seen bettered.
Everyone was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed your speech.
Please pass on our effusive thanks to Garry Richardson. His contribution as the After Dinner Speaker at the DAF Trucks conference dinner last week was outstanding and our client was more than pleased with his very entertaining and very, very funny stories.