Graham P Jolley

Graham P Jolley

  • Entertaining Mindreader and Psychologist
  • Amazing and Amusing
  • After Dinner Entertainment

Graham P. Jolley has stunned and mesmerised audiences all over the world with his bewitching and captivating performances based on mind reading and mystification. Through a mixture of psychological skills and an equally unique brand of witty humour, audiences find themselves enthralled, amused, captivated and thoroughly bewildered by this mix of mystification and entertainment. Graham will read your mind, members of the audience will read each others mind, and he will even predict your holiday destination (and with whom)!

For Graham, the art of illusion and psychological performance has been a life-long obsession, and with a career spanning more than thirty years, his dedication to the art is truly impressive. He has worked with both famous faces and high profile business executives. He has performed on TV and at a huge number of corporate events, private dinners and conferences - and whatever the event and venue, Graham's act adapts perfectly, thrilling his audience with any number of baffling feats.

His impressive skills and charming good humour make Graham a memorable, engaging and hugely popular performer. And he will always leave you with one burning question: "How did he do that?"

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