James Poulter

James Poulter

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With the impact of the pandemic meaning, it is likely there will be some continued working from home in one capacity or another, how do you build an innovation culture in the new hybrid world?

Founder and CEO of Vixen Labs, James Poulter is a thought-leader and speaker on Innovation Culture, the Future of Work and Emerging Technologies and speaks on his exact subject in his talk CTL-ALT-DEL.

In this presentation, James Poulter looks at how you can continue to build a culture of innovation and what will need to change for companies to evolve to the new ways of working. Using some real-life examples from his time at Lego, Edelmoan, and Ogilvy, James looks at what new controls (CTL) will need to be in place to allow a return to work. What will need to be altered (ALT) to allow your team to innovate, work together and still maybe work from home with a new work/life balance – and what will need to be deleted (DEL) from previous ways of working.

James also talks about how he has managed to grow his own company (Vixen Labs) from a team of two people, in the space of three years, even during a pandemic to now a team of over 20 staff, and how continues to grow from strength to strength through their own innovation practices.

James’ other speaking topics include –

Building innovation culture through agile working: In this session, James will talk through how using agile practices he and the team at Vixen Labs have built a multi-million dollar business in just 24 months by coming along side global business to build cultures of innovation that are ready to embrace change at pace.

Play + Work = Innovation Culture – When we blend the best of play with the best of work we get a culture that truly moves people to innovation. In this talk, James will show you where your organisation sits on the “innovation pendulum” and how you can shift from a siloed approach to a culture of innovation.

Ambient Technology –In this presentation, James talks about the impact of voice assistance, AI, and conversational technology and how it is becoming the anecdote to our digital distraction and the impact it will have and can have in the future. Learn where to begin in the world of voice marketing and move towards it.

2025 – Autonomous Connected & Enabled – In this presentation, James takes you into the not too distant future to look at the real impact of new and advancing existing technologies and how they will impact individuals’ lives in a 24 hour period, and what long term benefits they will bring.

The Ethics & Morality of Digital Technology – What happens when Alexa wants to divest her shares at Amazon? Or Siri wants to get baptized? We are living in a world where the AIs we live with every day take steps towards general intelligence. At the same time, we want ever more functionality out of our devices, yet must give up more privacy to get there. In this session, JP examines the potential pitfalls and prospects of a more technologically enabled world – through the lens of its impact on our morals and values.

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‘James is an outstanding speaker. His expertise was clearly demonstrated in his presentation and he managed to communicate complex technology in a clear and comprehensible way. His style is engaging, charismatic, and polished.’