Jeff Brazier

Jeff Brazier

  • Mental Health and Well-being Speaker
  • Coaching & Self Development Speaker
  • TV Presenter, Radio Broadcaster & Content Creator

Jeff is a well-known and popular broadcaster and ambassador, working with, amongst others, TNT Sport as one of their lead football reporters, ITV's This Morning, Peoples Postcode Lottery and Wickes where he is their mental health ambassador. As a popular advocate for mental wellbeing, he has also launched Grateful Strides, a walking and wellness club which is growing rapidly. 

Jeff Brazier is one of the UK’s most loved and in demand TV presenters who has hosted some of the biggest shows on British television. Jeff is a highly experienced and technically capable presenter equally at home in a live or pre-recorded studio environment, on OB, with auto-cue and live direction and is able to put even the most challenging guests at ease as well as a fantastic relationship with his live audiences which all makes for great programming. In August 2011 he was handed the reins of Channel 5’s daily magazine show, OK!TV. He is a regular feature presenter for This Morning including roles such as ‘X Factor’ correspondent, Dancing On Ice correspondent and varying holiday features. 

Over the last few years we have seen him as a live OB presenter for the X Factor finals, as a presenter for ITV2’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now in Australia, and as a co-presenter on Sky 1′s Angela and Friends. He also won a lot of new fans when he reached the quarter-finals of this year’s Dancing On Ice competition for ITV1. 

As well as presenting, Jeff has been the face of many successful commercial campaigns for the likes of BSkyB/Skyride, McDonald’s Happy Meal Books, Suzuki and Clothes Show Live; to name but a few. He is also a talented writer enjoying a monthly parenting blog with Mamas & Papas and previous weekly work with MSN, a weekly parenting column in the Daily Mirror, a dating column in Now magazine and an agony uncle column in Closer magazine.

Mental Health and Well-being: Jeff Brazier has been open about his own struggles with mental health and grief following Jade Goody's death. He has used his experiences to promote mental health awareness and offer guidance to those dealing with loss and trauma. 

Author and Life Coach: Jeff has written books on subjects such as parenting and bereavement. He has also trained as a life coach and works with individuals to help them overcome challenges and improve their lives. 

Mental Health Speaker: In addition to his coaching work, Jeff Brazier has become a mental health speaker, sharing his insights and personal journey to inspire others to prioritize their mental well-being and seek support when needed. 

Jeff Brazier is known not only for his television career but also for his advocacy work in the realms of mental health, parenting, and bereavement. His commitment to raising awareness and providing support to individuals facing challenges in life has made him a respected and influential figure .

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