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Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer

  • Former German Chancellor
  • Important European Political Thinker and Figurehead
  • Keynote Speaker on the Eurozone Crisis and Globalisation

Joschka Fischer is a former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany, and the former leader of the country's influential Green Party. Despite occasionally courting controversy, he became one of Germany's most popular politicians of the late 1990s, being both witty and wise, and having what can only be described as "star quality", not to mention superb skills as an orator. Nowadays, these same factors come together to make Joschka an entertaining and thought provoking public speaker on a wide range of modern day political hot potatoes, including Environmental Issues, Globalisation and European Federalisation.

Joschka was already established as leading figure in the West German "green" political movement when he was appointed as Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor in the cabinet of Gerhard Schröder (1998 to 2005). He left office following the September 2005 election, in which the Schröder government was defeated. In 2010, he supported the creation of the Spinelli Group, a Euro-parliamentarian initiative founded with a view to reinvigorate the strive for federalisation of the European Union.

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