Josephine Fairley

Josephine Fairley

  • Green & Black's Co-Founder
  • Speaker & Entrepreneur
  • Business & Motivational Speaker

With her background as a leading British entrepreneur and the creator of Green & Black’s - purveyors of high class chocolates - Jo Fairley’s presentations deliver a real insight into how to create, launch and develop a brand.

Green & Black’s was started in 1991 with just £20,000 of Jo's savings, and has since grown into a brand worth approaching £100 million worldwide. Despite its widespread global availability, Green & Black’s has retained its luxury cachet: it is the only food brand featured in the UK’s CoolBrands Top 20.

From its inception, Green & Black’s has also been an ethical brand, sourcing cocoa direct from Third World farmers who are paid a fair price. It was the first brand to be awarded the UK Fairtrade Mark, for its Maya Gold (in 1994); by 2011, all the company's products in its chocolate portfolio carried this Mark.

Jo’s business presentations address how ethical issues are becoming more important to consumers and how working for a company with a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme can boost team spirit and dedication. She talks about the many lessons learned along the path to business success, including the emotional aspect of building a brand and then 'letting go' when it's sold on, as well as the importance of design, branding, PR and marketing.

Jo is also an award-winning author, having penned a series of best-selling books on health and beauty - including the worldwide smash The Beauty Bible. She is also a regular columnist, feature-writer and journalist for a number of leading international magazines.

Jo has applied her business experience across a wide range of clients, speaking to both large audiences and to smaller groups at a hands-on level, helping individual brands with product development, branding, media and more. She is in increasing demand as a Business Speaker at Conferences, Women's entrepreneurial events, networking occasions, and also as an After-dinner Speaker. If you are interested in booking Jo for your Event, contact Prime Performers now via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call us on 020 3500 3331.

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Jo delivered a great presentation to the student audience yesterday. The talk was accessible to the age range without being patronising. Constructive comments were given on the Pitch Your Own Ideas session and the winner was thrilled with his Green & Blacks prize. I am sure that the audience left feeling inspired and that Jo has lit a few sparks of ambition.