Linda Cruse

Linda Cruse

  • Humanitarian, Leadership Expert & Inspirational Speaker
  • Presents Courageous Leadership through live Masterclasses
  • Environmental Issues

Described as a cross between Florence Nightingale and Indiana Jones, Linda Cruse is a humanitarian aid worker whose determination to make a difference has seen her assisting in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, earthquakes in Pakistan and elsewhere, relief projects in high mountain nomadic areas, and refugee camps throughout the world.

The initial impetus for Linda's journey as an aid worker occurred in 1996, when, as a stressed-out mum working in a job she hated, she suffered temporary blindness while driving along a motorway in the middle of the night. This terrifying episode led to a blinding insight: what is the point of living if life has no point? – and ultimately drove Linda to embark on an often scary, sometimes lonely, but always emotionally fulfilling role: teaching skills and bringing aid to war-torn refugees, the poverty stricken and the victims of disaster.

During her 12 years of frontline humanitarian aid work, Linda has fused passion for adventure and an explorer’s spirit with a deep desire to make a difference to remote communities. To enable her to do this she launched a unique concept, named Be The Change, in which she brokers powerful partnerships between large businesses who want to help stricken communities, but do not know how to go about it, and local charities.

Her style may be maverick, but it is because of her determined drive that she has brought impressive changes to the communities in which she works. Linda has a natural ability to generate enthusiasm for her projects and bring together people from completely different backgrounds to work towards a common goal.

Linda's story is a fascinating and inspirational one, and her determination and drive makes her an awe-inspiring Motivational Speaker. The themes of her talks are: Be The Change, The Power of One, Leadership, and Courage.

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