Mark Wood

Mark Wood

  • Author & Explorer ñ The Cold Climate
  • Two expeditions to the Geographic North and South Poles
  • Environment, Extreme Conditions & Overcoming Adversity

With over 30 major expeditions to date, Mark Wood has reached the Magnetic North Pole, the Geomagnetic North Pole twice, has completed solo expeditions to both the Geographic North and South Poles and led a team on an ascent of Mount Everest. Mark Wood has been a part of major BBC and Channel 5 documentaries and over the years has trained and led people in the extremes of the planet.

In 2013, Mark Wood attempted a 72 day expedition to ascend Mount Everest. The remarkable part of this journey was that he connected to over 10,000 school children worldwide using mobile technology from the extremes of the mountain and in real time. Making Everest one of the most incredible and inspiring classrooms in the world.

In 2017, Mark Wood will attempt to summit Everest again to an extraordinary new level. Mission 8848 will connect with over one Million students. Using the latest cutting–edge cameras, 3d projections, 360 immersive and virtual reality technologies the climbers will connect through live-stream broadcast into over 8848 classrooms around the globe.

The reason is to demonstrate how modern day explorers operate, to encourage students to understand the effects of global warming and to inspire them to think differently about their own lives. This is more than just a walk on a mountain.

Mark Wood's own award winning documentaries have shown the life of dog teams in Alaska – a solo survival film in the extremes and more recently a complex cutting edge expedition film which explains the harsh reality of global warming and its effect on the Arctic Ocean as his team crossed to the North Pole.

Mark Wood shares his experiences through his leadership talks and focuses on the many similarities between the difficult challenges faced by organisations today and the challenges faced by explorers in very dangerous and hostile regions. Mark is able to deliver a highly thought provoking, inspirational and motivating speech to his audiences.

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