Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison

  • Change Resilience Speaker
  • Thought Provoking Entertaining Transgender Speaker
  • The Transgender Story - Author

Matt Ellison is an inspiring transgender advocate, who has used the experiences of his personal transition, which he went through later in life, to speak out about LGBTQ+ rights. Working with clients across the world, Matt has transformed perspectives, empowered the LGBTQ+ community and advised corporate clients on inclusive policy, making him one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic.

A life story filled with courage, resilience and determination, Matt, who was born a woman transitioned from female to male. Aged 39, Matt had lived much of his life in the knowledge he was a male but hid it from those closest to him in a bid to suppress his feeling. However, overcome with the desire to live authentically, Matt bravely began his transition in 2013, supported by his family and friends, to become physically what he has always known mentally was his true self.

Reflecting on his experiences, as a speaker Matt uses his personal story to educate audiences on the impact of internalising emotions. Having provided hundreds of talks, Matt is a renowned professional and is often known to discuss the topics of diversity, identity, social norms and transgender awareness. Highly relevant to a corporate audience, Matt’s contributions at events, for the likes of KFC, Lloyd’s of London and NatWest have paved the way for progressive change in global business.

Outside of speaker, Matt has acted as the Co-Chair of Female to Male London, one of the UK’s biggest groups of trans males, for two years, and is an avid supporter of trans rights charities. Additionally, Matt has worked with the NHS on safe practices for trans care, appeared on a Channel 4 documentary and published the book ‘The Transgender Journey’ to aid others in transitioning with his story.

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The talk given by Matt Ellison as part of the 2021 Mars UK LGBTQ+ Pride Series was thought provoking and inspiring. Matt’s honest and personal style of storytelling took the audience on an insightful journey into the experiences of transgender people. Matt engaged the audience from start to finish and was open and supportive of questions.
Pandemic or no pandemic, nothing can stop our Kentucky Fried pride celebrations. To get the party started Matt Ellison joined us virtually to share his personal journey and experiences. Buckets of love and gratitude to Matt for such an inspiring, authentic session. KFC Virtual Event
Matt captured the attention of our audience from start to finish. The GP’s really appreciated how open Matt was about his experience and were grateful for the insight he provided. His talk was excellent, I really wish we could have had him for longer. NHS