Miles Hilton-Barber

Miles Hilton-Barber

  • Record Breaking Blind Adventurer
  • Mountaineering, Polar Explorer & Supersonic Flying
  • Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Miles has been blind for over twenty years but that has not stopped him from conducting gruelling expeditions through deserts, mountains and the polar regions.

Miles' trips help to raise awareness about issues concerning blindness as well as money for a charity organization. Recent challenges include flying from London to Sydney in a micro-light, climbing Mont Blanc and running across the Gobi Desert.

He uses his experiences as an international adventurer to motivate and inspire others to achieve their potential. His talks offers practical ideas that work for everyone. Miles is an exceptional storyteller and corporate motivational speaker, whose messages of "never give up", "expect the unexpected" and "think big to achieve big" come wrapped in a package of humour and profound personal insight.

To book Miles for your Event, please contact a Prime Performers booking agent via the online booking enquiry form or alternatively call 020 3500 3331 or further information.

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