Pete Goss

Pete Goss

  • Sailor and Adventurer
  • Seven Transatlantic and Two Round-the-World Races
  • Motivational and After Dinner Speaker

Pete Goss is a British yachtsman who has sailed more than 250,000 nautical miles (460,000 km), taking in numerous adventures on the high seas. He draws on these experiences to offer leadership and management sessions, team-building exercises and training camps, inspiring individuals and groups to achieve goals that they might otherwise consider beyond their potential capabilities. In his Motivational Talks, Pete draws on four principles: innovation, technology, challenge and adventure, and talks positively and with passion about leading teams through exciting but often difficult - and sometimes dangerous - situations.

A former Royal Marine, Pete put his rigorous training to good use when he saved the life of fellow sailor Raphaël Dinelli during the 1996 Vendée Globe solo around-the-world yacht race. During a severe storm in the Southern Ocean, he turned his boat around and spent two days sailing into hurricane force winds, finally finding Dinelli in a life-raft that had been dropped by an Australian Air Force plane shortly before his own yacht had sunk. In recognition of his courage, Pete was awarded the Legion d’Honneur and an MBE, and voted World Sailor of the Year.

Undaunted by the perils of the sea, in 2008 Pete journeyed with his family aboard the 37 foot Cornish Lugger Spirit of Mystery (as seen on BBC show Coast) from the UK to Melbourne, Australia. This recreated the 150 year old voyage of the smallest migrant vessel to make it to Australia. Navigating by the stars, Pete, his family and the other crew members faced many challenges, including a ferocious Southern Ocean storm that rolled them upside-down and broke a crewman’s leg. However, they eventually reached Australia together. In addition to this awesome adventure, Pete has circumnavigated Tasmania by sea kayak; with limited communication he was exposed once again to the Southern Ocean and the notorious Bass Strait.

Whether Pete is taking on the next sailing challenge or heading expeditions to the North Pole, he combines a competitive tenacity with a keen ‘will to win’. From design to completion, Pete has managed every aspect of the 15 projects he has taken on.

An acclaimed International Speaker and a regular lecturer at business schools (he is an Associate Fellow of Said Business School, Oxford University), Pete is a natural communicator with a dynamic but informal style, who never ceases to amuse, entertain and inform. His adventures create an interesting and also motivating tapestry through which he weaves valuable business lessons.

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